Diagnosis and medication — demystifying two of the most misunderstood processes in ADHD care

Diagnosis and medication — demystifying two of the most misunderstood processes in ADHD care “This was originally published on HealthShare.” There are many myths circulating about attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If you’ve been told that ADHD can be diagnosed using surveys alone, or that medication is the only effective treatment, then you’ve come across some of […]

Adult ADHD – common questions and misunderstandings​

Adult ADHD – common questions and misunderstandings “This was originally published on HealthShare.” Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disability that impacts multiple areas of someone’s life. If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you don’t understand the condition yet. “Though […]

Better ways of supporting the people in our lives with ADHD

Better ways of supporting the people in our lives with ADHD “This was originally published on HealthShare.” If someone in your life lives with a mental health condition such as ADHD, it can mean a lot to them if you make an effort to understand and support them. In fact, for many people with mental health […]

Activity scheduling and behavioural activation

What is activity scheduling and how can I use it to improve my health? You can get significant mental health benefits from scheduling activities that you enjoy and that increase the amount of physical activity, social interaction, or other activities in your life. It might sound like a common-sense thing to do, and it is! […]

Tips on taking medications

Tips on taking medications “Well, I must say my physician that I have now is much more open. We talk about things. I told her I want a partnership…I like this very much as an option [compared] to the old way of “I’m prescribing this, this is for you, you take this.” But it also […]

Psychologists vs Psychiatrists – differences

What’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist What’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and who should you see? Both of them are mental health clinicians, but they come from different backgrounds and support people in different ways. Psychiatrists and psychologists are both types of mental health clinicians, which means that […]

The Cost of Mental Health Support

The Cost of Mental Health Support: Navigating Medicare-supported appointments with Call to Mind Medicare can help support the costs of seeing a medical specialist such as a psychiatrist. The level of support depends on the type of service you require and where you live. Also, to get Medicare support, you’ll need a referral from a […]

Healthy Sleep Habits

Healthy sleep habits “Each night…you hold a key…to help you rewire and heal your brain…You can start these changes tonight.” – Dr. Michelle Olaithe, PhD, Clinical Director of someone.health Healthy sleep habits (also called sleep hygiene) are important for general health and well-being. Also, if you have a mental health condition, and especially if you […]

18. ADHA Pathway appointments

Process: – Referals received from GP and this must be on new ADHD referral template. This includes an acknowledgement by the GP that they will take over prescribing once stabilised. – Screened by MH Nurse and triaged as appropriate for ADHD Pathway (note we typically reject >75% of referrals due to being unsuitable for telehealth/pathway) […]

17. Doctor health and well-being

Please make sure you have your own treating GP and other supports. Please ensure you do not treat yourself or self-prescribe or treat staff members or family. If you require any support or assistance, please contact the Call to Mind Director, Dr Dave Carmody, or Practice Manager, Erin Cody, to discuss this.