Our trusted team psychiatrists are here to support you and your patients.

Our clinicians provide high quality mental health care and work closely with referrers.

How does it work?



When we receive your referral, it will be processed within 2-3 business days. We’ll reach out with any questions or issues.


Booking and appointment.

We contact your patient to discuss fees, the appropriate clinician and appointment times. They see our clinicians from their own home, or at the GP practice if you prefer.



We provide you with feedback and treatment advice in writing within 7 days of the appointment.

Our referral process is straightforward and we provide feedback within 1-2 business days about the status of the referral.

For psychiatry appointments, send us a referral letter with the patient’s contact details (including email) + relevant history.

Referrals can be sent via:

Argus: calltomind@argus.net.au

HealthLink: callmind

Medical Objects: Call to Mind

Fax: 03 9978 9458

Email: referrals@calltomind.com.au

We are excited to be partnering with someone.health to provide access to psychology appointments by telehealth. Click here to find out more about accessing psychology services.

What are wait times?

Wait times for adult psychiatry appointments are 1-4 weeks and 4-6 weeks for children & adolescents.

And cost?

Ongoing psychiatry appointments are privately billed with reimbursements for patients with a Medicare card. Typical out-of-pocket expenses range from $300-400 for initial appointments and $150-250 for ongoing reviews. 

From 1/11/2022 we are again able to offer bulk billed one off assessments (291s) to patients in rural areas (MM2-7). We will need a referral specifically requesting a 291. Please note this does not apply to ongoing, ADHD or report assessments.

Types of appointments

We see patients for –
  • 291 assessments
  • Ongoing private care
  • Licence reports
  • Superannuation reports
  • Centrelink reports
  • Workcover/DVA/TAC-funded care

ADHD Referrals

We are now accepting a limited number of NSW referrals to the Call to Mind ADHD Assessment Pathway, see here for more details.

Please note, all ADHD Assessment Pathway referrals must either be submitted using our specific form (download here) or include the following details on a standard referral:
– Patient contact details
– Referral question
– Psychiatric and medical history
– Medication list
– Physical exam (BP, HR and cardiovascular exam)
– An acknowledgement that you will be available to take over prescribing of any medications once stabilised

Need a referral template?

If you have any questions about a new or existing referral, we're here to help