Call to Mind presents: Managing BPD in General Practice – Psychiatric Perspectives

GPs are invited to join an interactive webinar hosted by Call to Mind psychiatrists that will cover borderline personality disorder, its diagnosis and the role of the GP in treating people with BPD.

Grounding exercises and sensory techniques

Learn how to manage anxiety, panic and dissociative symptoms by re-establising the connection between your mind and body, and your body and the environment.

Calming the body and mind – a guide to breathing exercises

We know that nothing is surer to elicit an eye roll than to recommend breathing exercises, but they do actually work, and can be a really helpful tool. Though they may seem simple on paper, it can be difficult to master breathing exercises, so they require regular practice.

What is sleep hygiene and why is it important?

Sleep hygiene refers to the practices around your sleep. Good sleep hygiene means having healthy routines that promote good, restful sleep. Easier said than done, we know!

What it means to care for someone with a mental illness

As a carer, you play an important role in helping someone recover from a mental illness or condition; it's also important that you look after your own health and wellbeing.

Covid and the future of telehealth

'We will never see telehealth go away again.'

Reconciliation Week 2020

This week reminds us all to reflect, learn and commit to doing out part to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians.

‘Coronavirus has boosted telehealth care in mental health, so let’s keep it up’

A case for how and why Australia can lead the way to better mental health through sustained telehealth support.

The 2020 Push-Up Challenge:

3,046 push-ups in 21 days for youth mental health support!

Telehealth eligibility for all Australians

Call to Mind can now offer all Australians telemental health support – an important step in the right direction as uncertainty and anxiety around Covid-19 continues to grow.

Looking after ourselves – physically and mentally – during the Covid-19 pandemic

As the virus continues to spread, we know it's important to look after our physical health, but we also need to check in with our mental state, and avoid unnecessary panic and emotional stress.

Telehealth in the time of a global pandemic

In a time of a global pandemic and increasing concerns around COVID-19, we are coming to see the pivotal role that telehealth can play when it comes to protecting yourself and others.

Podcast highlights mental anguish in the bush

A new podcast talks to farmers, locals and health workers about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to helping people struggling in remote and rural communities.  

Coping with the aftermath of bushfires

Call to Mind is offering priority appointments and additional availability to anyone affected by the national bushfire emergency

Psychiatrists vs psychologists:

What's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist, and who should you see?

Takeaways from GP19:

What we learned from talking to GPs from all over Australia at this year's annual RACGP conference held in Adelaide

Get outside:

How spending time in nature can improve your mental health

Tips for connecting to a telehealth call successfully

Telehealth makes accessing mental health care in rural and remote areas accessible and simple. If you haven't attended a telehealth appointment before, these tips will help ensure your video call runs smoothly.

World Suicide Prevention Day:

Working together to prevent suicide, today and every day

Dealing with depression

If you have depression, you're not alone - 1 in 5 people will have depression during their lifetime. The good news is, there are ways to cope with depression so you can feel better, including lifestyle changes, talking therapy and medication.

Politics in Mental Health: Why isn’t providing adequate mental health services a no brainer?

Exploring what can be done to improve mental health service provision and outcomes for all Australians

People with mental illness experience poorer physical health, and the gap may be getting worse

The latest research shows that people who suffer from a severe mental illness die up to 20 years earlier than those without.

Mental health significantly contributes to Australia’s disease burder

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released its Australian Burden of Disease Study 2015, highlighting mental health as a major player in disease burden.

Beyond Blue launches suicide safety planning app

Beyond Blue, the mental health support service, takes a big step in providing a convenient way for people to develop a personalised safety plan.

Call to Mind at RANZCP 2019 Congress:

Key takeaways from our team's experience at the 2019 annual psychiatry conference held in Cairns

Why this landmark inquiry into mental health will be different:

An update on the government's inquiry into Australia's mental health crisis

“I work as a GP and feel powerless to treat patients with mental illness.”

Another call for increased mental health support, and how we can help.

The number one reason people see their GP:

New report from RACGP reveals GPs treat more mental health issues than any other condition.

Drought-related stress among farmers

Findings from the Australian Rural Mental Health Study

Call to Mind at Congress 2018

See you in Auckland!

Senate Inquiry on Mental Health

Accessibility and quality of mental health care in rural and remote areas of Australia in the limelight at Parliament.

RANZCP Calls for Further Telepsych Support

Telepsychiatry and e-health solutions are a must for remote and rural communities.

AMA on Telehealth

The Australian Medical Association gives its position on telehealth and its pivotal role in delivering quality mental health care.