Where to find information on ADHD


There are many places you can get information about ADHD:

Your psychiatrist – we encourage you to ask your psychiatrist about any (or all) of the topics in this sheet that you’d like to know more about.

Our information sheets – ask us to send you an information pack. Some of our information sheets draw inspiration from the ADHD Go-To Guide, but that book is focused on children with ADHD, and we’ve adapted the material so that it is customised for adults.

The other resources listed on this page – see below!

This page contains some suggested evidence-based websites as well as resources by and for people with experience living with ADHD. 

Please note that we are not responsible for the content listed below, although we have looked at it and think that you may find it useful.

Resources by and for adults living with ADHD

There are many groups and resources led by and created specifically for people living with ADHD, including:

Peer groups/consumer groups such as the ADHD Foundation and ADHD Australia

Youtube videos such as the How to ADHD video series

Podcasts hosted by people with ADHD, such as:

The ADHD Adults Podcast (this is a relatively popular podcast that many consider entertaining – but in case you plan on listening to it with children around, keep in mind that they regularly swear in it). You can find this on podcast apps or in video format on YouTube.

The ADHDAF Podcast (ADHDAF stands for ADHD As Females, but the hosts introduce their episodes with a note saying that they intend the podcast to be welcoming to people of any gender) 

More resources for adults living with ADHD

Dr Tracey Marks is a psychiatrist who produces educational videos about various mental health topics. Here are some of her videos about ADHD:

Sleep problems experienced by people with ADHD

Why people with ADHD procrastinate

Differences between ADHD and autism

Evidence-based websites that provide information about ADHD

Here are some evidence-based websites you could refer to:

The Australian ADHD Professionals Association guidelines page 

Australian Psychological Society 

National Prescribing Service (NPS) 

Mayo Clinic

Where to find information about common mental health conditions

It is common for people with ADHD to also have at least one mental health diagnosis. We recommend learning more about any conditions that you have.

The Australian Federal Government provides information on mental health challenges and digital health services here: www.headtohealth.gov.au

Beyond Blue provides helpful resources on common mental health challenges: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/mental-health

Black Dog Institute also provides helpful resources on similar topics to Beyond Blue: https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/resources-support/

The Centre for Clinical Interventions (in Western Australia) provides a series of helpful fact sheets about many mental health conditions and about specific symptoms associated with them: https://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/Resources/Looking-After-Yourself

Sane.org provides helpful resources on complex mental health challenges: https://www.sane.org/

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is a U.S.-based organisation that provides helpful information on depression, bipolar disorder, and co-occurring conditions (https://www.dbsalliance.org/education/) as well as self-guided activities in what they call a “Wellness Toolbox:” https://www.dbsalliance.org/wellness/wellness-toolbox/

What are we missing?

If you have discovered any other resources that have been helpful for your ADHD, we are keen to hear about them! Please get in touch.