Lia has considerable experience as both a perinatal and consultation-liaison psychiatrist, having worked at the Royal Women’s Hospital since 2006. She is firmly committed to supporting the mental health and bonding of women and their infants during pregnancy and the postnatal period, as well as supporting women through challenges of pregnancy eg conception, reproductive loss and grief, birth trauma, premature delivery. Additionally, she is passionate about a range of women’s mental health issues across the lifespan. She has completed her Master of Psychiatry (Uni of Melb), Advanced Training in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry (RANZCP), Graduate Diploma in Parent – Infant Mental Health (Uni of Melb/RCH), and Parental Embodied Mentalizing Assessment (UK), as well as EMDR and MBT training. Her approach is empathic, tailored and holistic, and her clinical work incorporates mindfulness, mentalization, and trauma-informed care. She has a longstanding practice in mindfulness and is a certified Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Teacher.