Dr Dhamidhu Eratne is a consultant psychiatrist with expertise in Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry of Old Age, and Consultation Liaison Psychiatry. Dhamidhu takes pride in utilising his broad expertise to deliver empathic, holistic, and collaborative care, and to help people with recovery from complex symptoms, problems and challenges. Dhamidhu graduated in medicine from the University of Auckland in 2007. After extensive experience in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry and Psychiatry of Old Age, he completed his two years of advanced training at Neuropsychiatry, obtaining his Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2016. Dhamidhu’s interests include younger-onset dementia, biomarkers, clinical reasoning, education, and the interface between psychiatry, neurology, and the rest of general medicine. He completed his certificate of advanced training in consultation-liaison psychiatry of advanced training, and is completing the certificate in old age psychiatry. He works in public at Neuropsychiatry, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, in the younger-onset and neuropsychiatry outpatient and inpatient, and epilepsy services. In addition, Dhamidhu is undertaking a PhD and is the clinical/research fellow on the Markers in Neuropsychiatric Disorders Study (The MiND Study), investigating biomarkers to improve diagnosis and care of dementia and psychiatric conditions. Outside of clinical work and research, Dhamidhu enjoys practising mindfulness meditation, reading, watching movies, gardening, and spending time with family.