ADHD Assessment & Treatment Pathway

The Call to Mind ADHD Pathway is a comprehensive psychiatric and psychological assessment to see whether ADHD is an appropriate diagnosis and how best to support you.

How does the Call to Mind pathway work?

We understand the challenges that ADHD symptoms can cause and the impact they can have on functioning and relationships. We also understand that the process of assessment and treatment can be confusing and frustrating, so we have designed a new pathway to ensure that you or your loved one receives the highest standard of evidence-based care in a way that is clear and simple.

Pathway steps


We will need a psychiatrist referral and a Mental Health Care Plan from your regular GP. Our intake team review the referral for allocation. If we feel a telehealth assessment is not suitable, you will be contacted with advice on alternatives.


Prior to booking your assessment, we will require some additional information and some questionnaires to help the psychiatrist and psychologist understand your needs (see below).


You will be seen by a psychiatrist for a 45 minute telehealth assessment and a separate appointment with a psychologist for a second opinion and functional assessment


You will then have a treatment planning session with your psychiatrist to discuss the diagnosis or diagnoses, treatment options (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) and next steps. If medication is indicated, a script may be provided at this point.


Depending on the diagnosis and treatment plan, you will then have further appointments with the psychiatrist to review medications and monitor treatment response and psychology sessions with an ADHD-specialist psychologist as required.


Once treatment is stablised we will hand over to your GP for ongoing support, with psychiatrist reviews every 1-2 years. Psychology sessions can continue as needed.

Pre-assessment information

Here is the list of things we will need to be completed prior to your assessment and sent to (we know it’s a lot but it’s better to be prepared and this mean additional sessions do not need to be booked, saving you time and money):

  1. GP referral

    We will need a referral from your GP for a psychiatric assessment. We prefer this to be on our specific ADHD Pathway Referral Form, however will accept standard referrals as long as details of the referral question, your past history, medications and a physical exam is provided AND the GP acknowledges that they will take over prescribing once any medications are stabilised.

    If you would like to use Medicare support for the psychologist appointment, you will also need a valid Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. Alternatively the psychiatrist you see for your initial appointment can make a referral to the psychologist.

  2. Completion of the patient consent form
  3. Copies of any primary or secondary school reports that you have access to (this helps us establish a diagnosis across the lifespan)
  4. Completion of these questionnaires (please use .pdf format where relevant):

Payments and Medicare Rebates

Here are the fees and Medicare rebates available for appointments as part of this pathway:

Initial appointment with psychiatrist:
Fee: $800 / Rebate: $237.45

Initial appointment with psychologist:
Fee: $300 / Rebate: $89.65

Treatment planning session and provision of psychiatrist diagnostic report:
Fee: $600 / Rebate: $167.55

Psychiatrist review (15-20 mins):
Fee: $250 / Rebate:  $78.85

Psychiatrist review (30 mins):
Fee: $350 / Rebate:  $121.40

Psychology session:
Fee: $200 / Rebate: $89.65

Psychology report (eg. for NDIS applications)
Fee: $200 (no rebate)

Payment details will be obtained before your booking and your account charged 3 days prior to the appointment. If funds are not available, the appointment will be cancelled. At the conclusion of your appointment, any applicable rebates will then be processed with Medicare (which can take 48 hours).

What if I am not diagnosed with ADHD?

The Call to Mind ADHD Assessment Pathway is a comprehensive psychiatric assessment incorporating an evaluation for ADHD as well as other mood, anxiety, trauma and personality disorders. There are multiple conditions that can present with similar symptoms to ADHD and in order to find the right treatment approach, your psychiatrist and psychologist will consider all of these and only make a diagnosis of ADHD if this is clinically justified.

If a different diagnosis is made, we are still here to help and will arrange for ongoing support or a referral to an alternative psychiatrist and / or psychologist within the Call to Mind practice for specialised care.

Why do I need to see a psychologist?

Evidence suggests that a multidisciplinary approach is the gold-standard for ADHD assessment and treatment. The psychologist will be able to provide an assessment of your functioning and cognitive profile, assisting the psychiatrist with identifying the most appropriate diagnosis and guiding treatment. They can provide ongoing support in the form of ADHD coaching or ADHD-specific therapy if you are diagnosed with ADHD and can also offer reports to support any applications for funding that you might pursue (for example, NDIS funding).

If you have had a psychologist assessment within the last 12 months that included cognitive testing, our intake team might suggest waiving the need for a repeat psychologist assessment as part of the ADHD assessment pathway.

Cancellations and Refunds

Please note that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Due to the high volume and demand for ADHD referrals, late notice cancellations or failure to attend these appointments will incur a $250 fee which will be deducted from any refunded fees.

Any questions?

Please use the chat function below right to talk with our team during business hours.