ADHD – bookings with Dr Bochsler

Thank you for choosing Call to Mind for your upcoming telehealth appointment to assess whether ADHD is the appropriate diagnosis.

Please take the time to read this information carefully as it contains IMPORTANT information relating to your upcoming consultation.

All appointments booked for an ADHD assessment with Dr Bochsler require a private (non-Medicare) one-off consultation. Your psychiatrist may also need to speak with your GP or other professionals involved in your care, and in some cases may need to speak with your carers or family members to get additional information to assist with your assessment.

If diagnosis of ADHD is confirmed Dr Bochsler will provide support to your GP to act as the primary prescriber for medications if they are required. All states have their own requirements regarding prescriptions. The psychiatrist will send a comprehensive report and management plan to your GP to assist your GP in applying for authority and prescribing medications.

Stimulant prescribing rules are state-based. Prescribing authority will be transferred to your GP following completion of your assessment, Dr Bochsler DOES NOT PRESCRIBE THESE MEDICATIONS. Please ensure your GP is happy to take over prescribing following your assessment.


ADHD consultations will incur out of pocket fees, as listed below.

Fee $750

Rebate $0

Payment details will be obtained before your booking and your account charged 3 business days prior to the appointment. If funds are not available, the appointment will be cancelled. At the conclusion of your appointment, any applicable rebates will then be processed with Medicare (which can take 48 hours).

Please note that all transactions have a 1.5% processing fee.


Please note that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Due to the high volume and demand for ADHD referrals, late notice cancellations or failure to attend these appointments will incur a $150 fee which will be deducted from any refunded fees.


It is a requirement for these consultations that the below questionnaires are completed and returned prior to scheduling an appointment. Please download and complete these forms and send them back to us (via

Note: your appointment will not be booked until we have received all of these completed questionnaires

Questionnaire 1 – ASRS

Questionnaire 2- DIVA (patient version)

Questionnaire 3 – DIVA (Next of kin version)

Patient consent form

Basic info questionnaire

AAQoL functioning questionnaire

GP Consent

It is also a requirement for these consultations that your GP agree to act as the ongoing prescriber for any medications. Please discuss this with your GP and ask them to review, sign and return the below form, and send it to us along with the above questionnaires. If this GP is different to the referring GP, we will need a new referral.

Consent form

Please note: whilst we would like to be able to assist with these questionnaires unfortunately our team do not have the capacity over the phone to do so.

Once you have completed these forms and have sent them to, we will contact you to arrange your appointment.