Our mission.

Call to Mind supports people to find the right mental health solution for them, giving them access to quality telepsychiatry appointments that best suit their individual needs.

Each Call to Mind psychiatrist works to help people better navigate the mental health system through providing care through our comprehensive, seamless and flexible telehealth platform. The use of secure video conferencing eliminates geographical barriers, giving individuals unprecedented access to the right psychiatrist for them.

Our story.

Call to Mind was founded with a vision to better utilise modern technology to address the barriers to accessing mental health services in rural and remote communities in Australia. With high rates of mental health issues in these regions, our team recognised the pivotal role that a streamlined telepsychiatry service could play in alleviating these problems, and developed a platform that made telepsychiatry simple for everyone involved – for the public, for GPs and for psychiatrists. In doing so, doctors can focus their time and energy on providing care to those who need it most, and people across the country can get the access to quality mental health care that they deserve.

Since launching our telehealth practice in 2018, Call to Mind has expanded telepsychiatry services to metropolitan areas, recognising that barriers to accessing mental health care extend beyond geography. Our psychiatrists now offer private psychiatry appointments all across the country, with an aim to provide better mental health support to all Australians.